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To order any of our products,
 please call (toll free) 877 DIG YARN (877-344-9276)
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We admit it! Our website is in the dark ages. But ask yourself, if you had the choice of adding a shopping cart or knitting what would you choose? We went with knitting in the hopes that you'll pick up the phone and call us. It's selfish but we just love to chat with our customers. Once again, the phone number is 877 DIG YARN (877-344-9276)


If you would prefer to do the whole transaction via email then send an email to Carri at She'll respond asap with a Paypal invoice or directions for sending credit card information; whatever you prefer.


We're happy to ship internationally! Email Carri at and she'll work out all the details with you.


Tulip sweatersClick here to find information about Dream in Color Tulip Cardigans
(made famous by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of the Yarn Harlot)
and Blastoff Cardigans for babies and kids

Itty Bitty Little Bit Hat StackClick here to download the free
Itty Bitty Little Bit Hat pattern